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Job offer

There is an open position in our group for a PhD student on genomic selection in barley pre-breeding - Apply now!

Schmid - 29 May 2018

Paper publication

A new paper our PhD student Ivan Barilar worked on, 'Towards a whole-genome sequence for rye (Secale cereale L.)', about rye genome sequencing and population genetic analysis was published in The Plant Journal.

Regenbogen - 28 Nov 2016

28th FSP Colloquium

The program of our colloquium "Crop Genetic Diversity: From Description to Valorization", 29 - 30 Nov 2016 is available at Please register for free until 13 Nov 2016.

Schmid - 2 Nov 2016

Caro Lichthardt wins price

Our former master student Caro Lichthardt wins the 1st prize of the Wilhelm-Rimpau-Award of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for her master thesis on selective sweep mapping of new genes against the rhizomania disease in sugarbeet.

See here (Cellesche Zeitung) or here (DLG)

Congratulations, Caro!

Schmid - 6 July 2016

Best student project

Michelle Biljecki, Karoline Kröner, Adrian Steinhaus and Leo Zeitler were awarded with the price for the best 'Humboldt reloaded' project. Their project on the establishment of a crossing method for amaranth convinced the jury. Congratulations!

Stetter - Oct 2015