Preparation and Downloads for ELLS Summer School 2017

To participate at the ELLS Summer School, 6 - 12 August 2017 at the University of Hohenheim and to receive 6 ECTS for the course, all students have to install the virtual machine and prepare self-study material.

Introduction to R

We provide two R tutorials. The first one covers the absolute minimal knowledge about R and RStudio including some exercises. However, we will use the R package 'PopGenome' for analysis (see below), thus, you might want to have a look at the second, more advanced R tutorial first, in order to be able preparing the package manual.

R package 'PopGenome'

This package provides efficient tools for population genomics data analysis, able to process individual loci, large sets of loci, or whole genomes. PopGenome not only implements a wide range of population genetics statistics, but also facilitates the easy implementation of new algorithms by other researchers. PopGenome is optimized for speed via the seamless integration of C code. Please prepare the package manual.

Introduction to Unix Shell

To ensure reproducible research you need to lean the basics of the unix shell. We provide a virtual machine of Ubuntu 16 LTS with all software and packages installed. Please follow the instructions to install VirtualBox on your laptop and to import the virtual machine. Then, prepare the script using the given data (see folder 'data-shell' on the Desktop of the virtual machine). We will use the virtual machine during the whole course.


Before each session, we are going to discuss around the topic based on literature. Students will be picked at random to present the content of a paper or ask critical questions.