Markus Stetter

PhD Student

Crop Biodiversity and Breeding Informatics Group (350b)
Institute of Plant Breeding, Seed Science and Population Genetics
University of Hohenheim
Fruwirthstrasse 21, Room 0.29
D-70599 Stuttgart

Phone: +49-711-459 24435
Twitter: @MGStetter

Research Topics

  • Genetic diversity and domestication history of Amaranthus spp.
  • Phylogeny of the Amaranthus genus
  • Breeding of biomass amaranth for biogas production


  • M.G. Stetter and K.J.Schmid (2017) Analysis of phylogenetic relationships and genome size evolution of the Amaranthus genus using GBS indicates the ancestors of an ancient crop. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution Publisher, bioRxiv
  • M.G. Stetter, T. Müller and K.J. Schmid (2017) Genomic and phenotypic evidence for an incomplete domestication of South American grain amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus). Molecular Ecology Publisher, bioRxiv

  • M. G. Stetter, M. Benz and U. Ludewig (2017) Increased root hair density by loss of WRKY6 in Arabidopsis thaliana PeerJ preprint

  • M. G. Stetter​, L. Zeitler, A. Steinhaus, K. Kroener, M. Biljecki and K. J Schmid (2016) Crossing methods and cultivation conditions for rapid production of segregating populations in three grain amaranth species. Publisher, preprint

  • M. G. Stetter, T. Müller and K. J. Schmid (2015) Incomplete domestication of South American grain Amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus) from its wild relatives. bioRxiv

  • T. Vatter, B. Neuhäuser, M. G. Stetter, U. Ludewig (2015) Regulation of length and density of Arabidopsis root hairs by ammonium and nitrate Plant Research

  • M. G. Stetter, K. J. Schmid and U. Ludewig (2015) Uncovering genes and ploidy involved in the high diversity in root hair density, length and response to local scarce phosphate in Arabidopsis thaliana PLOS ONE Publisher