Julie Jacquemin


Crop Biodiversity and Breeding Informatics Group (350b)
Institute of Plant Breeding, Seed Science and Population Genetics
University of Hohenheim
Fruwirthstrasse 21, Room 0.25
D-70599 Stuttgart

Phone: +49-711-459 24437
Email: jjacquem@uni-hohenheim.de

Research interest

My research interest lies in understanding plant evolution and adaptation. I am interested in the mechanisms that generate diversity at different levels of biological organization (molecular, individuals, populations and species), and how genomic variations and selection pressures affect phenotypic traits and responses to environmental stresses.

Understanding how species adapt is necessary to investigate their capacity to continue or not in fluctuating environments. Evaluating their evolutionary potential is important for conservation goals and managing biodiversity.

My past research has focused primarily on duplications, and the role of sequence redundancy in the structural and functional evolution of Poaceae genomes (Rice, Bromus, Spartina). My current project aims to study the evolution, local adaptation and conservation of two endemic Arabidopsis species using Next Generation Sequencing, population genomic and functional genomic approaches (Adaptomics project)

Keywords. Molecular evolution, Population genomics, Adaptation, Evolutionary Ecology, Conservation genetics, Biodiversity


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